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Gallery & Studio, An International Art Journal, 2010 apr-may issue, 2011 USA
Gallery & Studio, An International Art Journal, 2011, USA



Hungarian Duna TV II report about the exhibition "terra-flamma-aqua-aer-calligraphy at Ujlipotvarosi Klubgallery"
06/06/2006 on EU Járat 19.00. hour at Kultikon Magazine 16/ 06/ 2006, HUNGARY
PLUS Television, ROMANIA, 2008
Felixstowe TV - Felixstowe, Artist Supports International Freedom- UK ,2008
BBC RADIO FREE ASIA 2-16-09, 2008, 7(am), NY, USA
Radio Oberland, Garmisch Partenkirchen- Ausstellung "Piece&Love", 21- 04 -2011, 9(am), GERMANY
Shelby TV, Anton Art Center, Mount Clemens, Michigan, USA, 2019



COMMON GROUND, Limited Edition Hardcover Commemorative Book, 2008
FREEDOM & ART book project by the Mirca Art Group for Amnesty International on sale Oct. 2nd, 2008
MTHR Mirca Art Group: 10 dec 1948, 2009
PLANET EARTH book project by Mirca Art Group, presented in 2010 Cologne, Germany
ELEMENTS, 322 Artworks of Krisztina Asztalos fine artist, 2010
VISUAL POETRY- A Global Village Event, 2012, Denmark
ART FOR ALEPPO - Postcards to humanity, 2017, USA



Printed and on-line media:

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Pesti Est, Város, 22 nd Nov, Budapest, 2010, HUNGARY printed

Press articles from Germany, Witten about International Art Show 2011: Der Bommeraner Nr 307 Jan-Febr, 2011,
Ruhr Nachrichten, WAZ, Stadtmagazin, 01-2011
Ruhr Nachrichten, "Museum" der Mediziner, 12-03-2011

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Few links about Yoko Ono's " ARISING exhibitions in Canada, Germany, UK, USA - 2019 - The Netherlands - USA - USA

South Korea Gwang Ju Newspaper/ 16 June/ 2019
Gwang Ju Newspaper - Paper News Press Release - issued 10.000 newspaper
Ho9Rt1NbRb-X56B6CzLaqI - South-Korea, Geoje, 2019